Dada House

Maison Dada embodies the spirit of avant-garde and daring in the field of interior design. Founded by Thomas Dariel and Delphine Moreau, Maison Dada reinvents traditional design codes by offering unique and innovative creations that combine classic elegance and eccentric modernity. Specializing in the design of furniture, lighting and decorative accessories, Maison Dada offers an eclectic range of products that celebrate imagination and creativity. Each piece tells a story, capturing the essence of contemporary art and culture while exploring new aesthetic horizons.

From furniture with clean lines and refined finishes, to lighting with original shapes and innovative materials, Maison Dada offers creations that challenge conventions and awaken the senses. Their playful and provocative approach to design is reflected in each product, inviting customers to rethink space and redefine their interior world. Drawing inspiration from artistic movements of the past and emerging trends of the future, Maison Dada creates pieces that transcend eras and styles. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the company strives to push the boundaries of creativity and evoke emotion through its original and daring creations.

Maison Dada “SUMO” armchair

from €3,360 including tax


Dada House “ONNA”

from €4,680 including tax


Maison Dada vase “Narcissus”

from 230€ including tax


Dada House “Sonia and Caetera”

from 1560€ including tax


Maison Dada “Rose Sélavy” (hairdresser)

from €4,320 including tax


Maison Dada “Rose Sélavy” (console)

from 2880€ including tax