Maison Dada vase “Narcissus”

Designer - Najma Temsoury

The myth of Narcissus in Greek Antiquity is an alert to vanity and egocentrism. We sometimes get so caught up in our self, our ego ('I Am' in Latin), that we lose sight of the essential, and miss the beauty and salt of life.

Designer and artist Najma Temsoury has always been fascinated by creation and interior design. Light and perception have major importance in his work. “I like to work on perception and create visual movement in my static objects”. Idea that we find in the Narcissus vase. With an optical lens, colors and shapes delicately reveal the detail of the flowers, while creating visual movement.


SBase: MDF with veneer, stainless steel tube, PMMA lens with dia 300mm Colors: Walnut, Oak, Black

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L30 * D16.6 * H45 cm