Maison Dada “Rose Sélavy” (console)

Designer - Thomas Dariel

The Sélavy wall console belongs to the family of hairdresser Rose Sélavy. Elegantly positioned in an interior, Sélavy is a welcoming piece in an interior.
Marquetry, a decorative surface technique that requires talent and precision, comes from the French word meaning 'inlay of materials'. An art of creating decorative designs with veneer contrasts, an entirely handmade process. With this technique, we add an element of style and creativity to this already very original piece of furniture.



Colorful version:

Metal base with colored ash veneer finish. MDF casing covered with painted ash veneer, matte finish. Drawers in MDF, lacquer, matte finish. Fixed boxes. Colors: Petrol Blue, Celadon, Beige, Pink

Wooden version:

Base in metal and wood with marquetry finish Envelope in MDF covered with marquetry. MDF drawers, marquetry finish. Fixed boxes. Marquetry of various wood species.

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