ELIX Home is a renowned brand in the world of furniture, recognized for its exceptional know-how and its unique approach to customization. Specializing in the mid- and high-end segments, ELIX Home stands out for its passion for creating tailor-made and personalized furniture, thus meeting the needs and preferences of its demanding clientele.

The company is committed to bringing its clients' vision to life by designing unique pieces that fit seamlessly into their space. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, ELIX Home inspires confidence by offering products made with the finest materials, sourced from the best sources in Italy and Portugal.

With its extensive experience in the furniture industry, ELIX Home positions itself as a trusted partner to transform residential and commercial interiors into true works of art. Through a diverse range of products and limitless creativity, ELIX Home strives to create unique and personalized spaces that tell the story of its customers.

ELIX Home “Amal”

from €767 excluding tax


ELIX Home “Tornado”

from 1286€ excluding tax


ELIX Home “Tornado Pouf”

from €697 excluding tax


ELIX Home "Arty Round"

from 1300€ excluding tax


ELIX Home “Holly”

from 1200€ excluding tax