Maison Dada “SUMO” armchair

Designer - Thomas Dariel

Sumo is a tribute to the Japanese martial art and full-contact. Practiced professionally only by men, Sumo embodies the quintessence of Japanese traditions, its identity and its strength. Featuring four sturdy legs and a sturdy silhouette, the Sumo is firmly anchored to the ground. While the seat represents determination, bravery and inflexibility, its rare shape, soft lines and tapestry, bring elegance to its stature. Like Hiroko Matsumoto, Pierre Cardin's muse and first Japanese model on the Parisian catwalks, Sumo is a star.



Structure in solid wood and plywood Memory foam Legs and seat entirely upholstered in fabric.

Recommended fabric: Uniform Melange Collection by Kvadrat Aure fabric selection and COM option are possible

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