Manutti “Sunrise Collection”

Clean lines and pronounced curves give Sunrise an undeniably fascinating stance, while the warmth of the materials and the openness of the frame irresistibly invite endless moments of outdoor fun. Available in warm brushed teak or bold scuro teak, Sunrise offers a comprehensive range of living and dining furniture. Dark teak details and a back covered in fabric or batyline® complete the design of this robust yet elegant teak collection by Matthew Townsend. From country residence to avant-garde hotel to futuristic yacht: Sunrise is a versatile collection that will add a captivating touch to any environment.


The Sunrise collection by Manutti offers a variety of products, such as tables, benches, chairs, armchairs and deckchairs. Each piece is customizable and available in several colors. Whether you are interested in one of these items or simply curious, do not hesitate to ask us for the full catalog!