Makhno Studio “Volcano”

Top 4. VOLCANO - a ceramic or copper lamp inspired by Ukrainian tradition .

This is a hanging lamp that is loved in Europe, Asia, Arab countries and Latin America.
Indeed, this modest sophistication leaves no one indifferent. Most often, VOLCANO is purchased in series to decorate kitchens or bars, living rooms and bedrooms.

There are approximately 1,600 active volcanoes in the world. About a hundred of them live under the oceans. And only a few of them can be hung under the ceiling of your house. The volcano lamp is the only volcano you should keep in your home. Because when darkness sets in, the gentle lava of light spreads throughout the room and fills it with warmth.



The Makhno Volcano light fixture comes in 5 different basic colors and is available in 2 materials: copper and ceramic. However, if none of these colors correspond to your needs, it is also possible to personalize your Volcano to make it a unique and exclusive design, suitable for everyone.

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