Makhno Studio “Crust”

Top 2. CRUST is an extraordinary lamp using rust as a technique in its own right.

This elegant lamp will perfectly decorate any interior: from vintage luxury to modern minimalism, from naturalistic natural contexts to brutal industrial contexts.

These extraordinary objects live according to the principles of wabi and sabi and express the imperfect perfection achieved through the ancient Japanese technique of raku. Artists play with watering different metals, artistic deformation of surfaces, temperature changes when baking products, etc.

Thin is CRUST's older brother with a passionate copper inside. It is a high-flying snow mountain covered with an iron sky.

Flattened is CRUST's middle brother with a cool, silvery interior. It is a glacier with a crusty volcanic surface.

Thick is CRUST's younger brother with a heated bronze inside. It is the flash of ice on the hot and stormy earth.



The luminaires in the Crust family are all made of ceramic and are refined using the ancient Japanese technique of raku. Due to this technique, each piece is unique. Although there are basic colors for these fixtures, if they do not match your preferences, you can make a custom color request to Makhno.

We invite you to visit the Makhno website directly to find out more or you can also ask us for our complete catalog.