L’Ombre Lighting “Lichelle Collection”


The elegance of lighting redefined

The strength of many years of experience and passionate product development. now combined to create an exceptionally versatile lighting product
Lichelle®, designed by ombre lighting, is characterized by its refined design and ingenious concept.

With its different versions, it shines in any environment. The exceptional DNA of Lichelle® lies in the sum of many strong details.

High-end properties.

Lichelle® spots are equipped with the latest LED technology
and are perfectly compatible with contemporary residential automation systems.


...with passion and expertise.

Lichelle® is handcrafted in Belgium with dark bronze finishes, creating an exceptionally durable set.
Each light fixture is the result of pure craftsmanship, in its most elegant form.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Recessed, semi-recessed, fixed and adjustable.


Fully recessed spotlight.

Recessed spotlight.




Semi-recessed variant.

Adjustable (semi-recessed).


The “Lichelle” collection from Ombre lighting features the best LED technology on the market. The integrated Lichelle® LED chip ensures high-quality color rendering for all materials in the space, with a color rendering index (CRI) of +90. With its warm light color of 2700K which improves the atmosphere. The products in the lichelles collections are available in several finishes to meet various lighting and design needs. Lichelle® is the perfect companion to any comfortable living and experiencing space. To discover all the variants available and the characteristics of this collection, we recommend that you visit the l'ombre lighting website directly. You can also contact us to obtain our complete catalog.