De Sede "Model DS-707"

The visual perfection of “form”

The DS-707 is the born embodiment of a modern composition of handmade leather and contemporary design. Available as a comfortable armchair or modular sofa that can be combined endlessly, the DS-707 is the visual perfection of "form" that gives every room a unique touch.



De Sede products are fully customizable in terms of materials and colors. With unlimited choices of shades and finishes, you can create unique pieces that perfectly match your style and decor. You have the option to choose from 14 different materials, ranging from wool to velvet to leather. Additionally, a wide range of five leather types are available, each with their own distinct characteristics, widths and textures. For more information on customization options, visit the De Sede website or ask us for our full catalog.

Dimensions are given in centimeters.