De Sede "Model DS-265 Coco"

Sven Dogs designed the DS-265 armchair to offer the ultimate in comfort, with its soft, elegant curves and contrasting seat edge. It combines a sculptural exterior that reinterprets the concept, like a coconut, of the shell seat in a particularly harmonious way, which, together with the straight edge of the seat, highlights the specificity of the design. The armchair is an oasis of comfort thanks to its beautiful lines, the stitching of the seat shell and the soft and comfortable padded seat cushions.



De Sede products are fully customizable in terms of materials and colors. With unlimited choices of shades and finishes, you can create unique pieces that perfectly match your style and decor. You have the option to choose from 13 different materials, ranging from wool to velvet to leather. Additionally, a wide range of five leather types are available, each with their own distinct characteristics, widths and textures. Those looking for something special have the choice of three sheepskin colors for the seat and back cushions. This underlines the comfort of the chair. For more information on customization options, visit the De Sede website or ask us for our full catalog.

Dimensions are given in centimeters.