De Sede "DS-2878 Boxing"

The de Sede boxing glove, DS-2878, made in 7:1 scale, is a reissue from 1978 and brings popular boxing within your four walls. Just like an original boxing glove, the detailed figure of the boxing glove features a two-tone cover, typical pleats at the ends and striking lacing at the opening of the glove, which is also the foot end of the couch. The soft De Sede leather and the ingeniously detailed upholstery guarantee extraordinary seating comfort.

As part of the reissue of DS-2878, De Sede boxing fans can get their hands on a very special accessory: a leather punching bag. Whether for cult decoration or real training equipment, the boxing atmosphere finds its place in the living room. Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali would have loved it.

Contrasting colors are used in the upper and lower parts, and the upholstery is made from remnants of genuine leather. This revolutionary padding provides a new training feeling, punching and kicking movements are optimally cushioned and at the same time heavily weighted, just like a real opponent. The boxing accessory is fixed on a support made of DS-ARISANO, a leather renowned for its stable saddlery properties. The punching bag is attached to the ceiling with a three-part metal chain system.


De Sede products are fully customizable in terms of materials and colors. With unlimited choices of shades and finishes, you can create unique pieces that perfectly match your style and decor. You have the option to choose between five types of leather, each with its own distinct characteristics, widths and textures. For more information on customization options, visit the De Sede website or ask us for our full catalog.


Left Glove 09: Width: 104 / Depth: 170 / Height: 98 / Seat: 40

Right Glove 10: Width: 104 / Depth: 170 / Height: 98 / Seat: 40

Punching Bag 60: Width: 35 / Height: 135 /

Dimensions are given in centimeters.