Bomma Collection "Pebbles"

The Pebbles collection offers the possibility of creating distinct combinations. Just like stones, the crystal components of the Pebbles collection are unique and original thanks to their entirely hand-blown manufacturing method. Arrange the diverse and colorful shapes around its interior light source as you wish and create elegant objects that turn into works of art in any interior.

Boris Klimek, designer of the collection.

"The lights in the Pebbles Collection are reminders of exceptional moments or favorite places. Their varied shapes and colors inspired me to create a playful collection that invites you to express your creativity."



Bomma's "Pebbles" collection is a series of designer lighting inspired by nature, in particular pebbles polished by water. The lighting fixtures in this collection are characterized by organic shapes and clean lines that evoke tranquility and harmony. Made with high quality materials, these lights bring a contemporary and elegant touch to any interior space. This collection also offers complete customization to meet each customer's needs and preferences. Whether in terms of number of modules, arrangement of shapes or choice of colors, customers have the opportunity to create unique, tailor-made lighting fixtures that perfectly match their space and their desires. To facilitate this process, Bomma offers a luminaire configurator on its website, allowing customers to view and customize their luminaire to their specifications before placing an order. This approach allows for a more interactive and personalized shopping experience, ensuring that each piece is truly unique.

For more information on customization options, visit the Bomma website or ask us for our full catalog.