Bomma Collection "Orbital"

BOMMA's "Orbital" collection features multi-colored celestial mass shapes that glow with a hypnotic red glow. This ingenious design of hand-blown glass pieces, held together by a metal frame, creates a fascinating visual experience from different angles. Our unique light objects in 'Moonlight', 'Pastel Pink', 'Sea Blue', 'Polar White' and 'Mystery Black' add a truly magical atmosphere to any sophisticated interior.


Václav and Jakub are part of a large wave of young designers with international experience. Both graduated from UMPRUM in Prague and the Royal College of Art in London. They worked together between 2011 and 2020 at Studio deFORM, creating some of Bomma's most successful collections. Today, they each run their own studio. Since 2017, Václav Mlynář has been the creative director of Bomma.



Bomma's "Orbital" collection is a series of modern and avant-garde lighting fixtures inspired by orbits and celestial movements. These lights capture the imagination with futuristic designs and innovative shapes, evoking the elegance and beauty of space phenomena.

What sets the “Orbital” collection apart is its bold use of high-quality materials, including hand-blown glass and metal, to create pieces that are both functional and aesthetically captivating. Each fixture is meticulously designed to reflect light in unique ways, creating striking visual effects that illuminate the surrounding space.

The “Orbital” collection includes a variety of lighting fixtures, from majestic pendant lights to elegant table lamps, providing a comprehensive range to illuminate and beautify different interior environments.

For more information on customization options, visit the Bomma website or ask us for our full catalog.