Bomma Collection “Metamorphosis”

The transformation of crystal into a stunning luminous gem.

Metamorphosis is a transformation from one form to another. Metamorphosis, as the transformation of the crystal into an exceptional luminous jewel in any type of interior; Bomma offers you a real gem with the possibility of creating your own compositions. The Metamorphosis collection's delicate geometric engraving on hand-blown crystal comes to life thanks to its internal light source, highlighting amber, transparent or cigar colors. Just like distant stars in the sky, these seemingly small luminous objects fascinate us individually and become even more attractive in groups.

BOMMA glassworks and Rückl jointly present Metamorphosis, a new collection of crystal lighting by Rony Plesl. This collection combines the talents of these two glassware brands - the breathtaking art of Rückl's hand-cut crystal, exceptional technical solutions and the BOMMA principle of light constellations.

Rony Plesl, designer of the collection


“The METAMORPHOSIS lighting collection was created in collaboration with the Rückl glassworks. The shapes, the colors, and in particular the hand-cut pattern, carry the most emblematic characteristics of this brand: the precision, sharpness and geometry of each cut. Combined with light, they create an exceptional experience. Each element is a unique piece, similar to the fruit of a tree that enhances any composition. BOMMA Constellation by Rückl is a true singularity in the world of lighting."



Bomma's "Metamorphosis" collection is a range of lighting that explores the transformations and metamorphoses of light and matter. Inspired by natural processes of transformation, this collection offers lighting with organic shapes and innovative designs that capture the imagination. The lighting fixtures in the “Metamorphosis” collection are designed to play with light in a unique way, creating striking visual effects and evocative ambiances in any space. Crafted with attention to detail and attention to quality, these lights add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any contemporary interior.

With two different sizes, large and small, two distinct finishes, "brushed gold" and "anthracite", as well as three varied colors: amber, clear and cigar, customers have a wide range of options to create unique lighting fixtures. In addition, the arrangement of sizes and colors can be customized according to taste, allowing the specific needs of each space to be met.

For even further customization, you have the option of designing candlesticks made up of up to 26 different pieces, offering an infinite variety of configurations. It is also possible to order unique pieces to hang on the wall, or as pendants.

For more information on customization options, visit the Bomma website or ask us for our full catalog.