Bomma Collection “Lens”

The refraction of light through a lens is a fundamental principle of optics. Here, two lenses harmoniously envelop their inner source, playing a monumental symphony of lights, tone on tone. This BOMMA collection is exceptional for its design and choice of materials, as well as its potential to create unique light constellations. Using our special hand painting technique, the predefined colors of the Lens collection can be extended to meet a color variation of your choice. The hypnotic design of the lighting, together with the delicate details of its canopy, make this collection a remarkable and extremely elegant interior element.


Václav and Jakub are part of a large wave of young designers with international experience. Both graduated from UMPRUM in Prague and the Royal College of Art in London. They worked together between 2011 and 2020 at Studio deFORM, creating some of Bomma's most successful collections. Today, they each run their own studio. Since 2017, Václav Mlynář has been the creative director of Bomma.



Bomma's "Lens" collection is a range of elegant and contemporary lighting which draws its inspiration from simple geometric shapes and the properties of light. The fixtures in this collection are characterized by clean lines and high-quality materials, creating pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What particularly distinguishes the "Lens" collection is the use of special optical lenses to direct and diffuse light in a precise and sophisticated way. These lenses create unique and captivating lighting effects, adding an extra dimension to the lighting of interior spaces.

With two distinct finishes, "brushed gold" and "anthracite", as well as five varied colors: amber, clear, white, smoke and gray blue, customers have a wide range of options to create unique fixtures. In addition, the color arrangement can be personalized according to taste, thus meeting the specific needs of each space.

For even further customization, you have the option of designing candlesticks made up of up to 26 different pieces, offering an infinite variety of configurations. It is also possible to order unique pieces to hang on the wall, or as pendants.

For more information on customization options, visit the Bomma website or ask us for our full catalog.