Bomma Collection “Flare”

The ray inside the BOMMA Flare illuminates its fairy spiral structure through the crystal rod.

This new collection pays homage to traditional glassmaking techniques and allows architects and designers to create original lighting installations for various spaces.

"The Flare luminaire is inspired by the phenomenon of light itself, craftsmanship and traditional glassmaking techniques, as well as the need to create a luminaire offering a wide variety of compositions and spatial solutions. It is based on the shape and character of the flare, creating lines of light and glimpses into space.”

The crystal rods are pulled manually, so each piece is original, with a unique swirl of light coursing through its interior. This effect is achieved using a traditional glassmaking technique: the core of molten glass is covered with small shards of glass, called frits, then dipped back into the molten crystal. The glassmakers then pull the piece to the desired length, stretching the fragments inside the glass rod.

This creates a magical texture inside the stem, which seems to be its own universe and ignites every time a switch is flipped.

"Thanks to the versatility of its shape, Flare is perfect for vertical installations, such as in stairwells, as well as for horizontal compositions in rooms with low ceilings. The different elements can be combined to form minimalist luminaires of small size or impressive, expansive fixtures in more spacious interiors. Flare can be a simple line, a detail, or a monumental installation in office buildings or hotel lobbies."

Kateřina Handlová
The designer of the collection


Kateřina Handlová graduated from the glass workshop of AAAD Prague (Prague Academy of Arts). She combines glass with different materials such as leather, ropes or porcelain to create objects that reflect her personal experiences and her fascination with the world of haute couture. Kateřina finds beauty in quality craftsmanship, which explains her passion for detail. She loves glass for its uniqueness, problems and benefits. With her original artistic approach, she is undoubtedly one of the most gifted and remarkable young Czech glassmakers.



Bomma's "Flare" collection is a range of contemporary lighting fixtures that stand out for their elegant design and innovative use of high-quality materials. Inspired by organic shapes and fluid movements, the “Flare” collection features lighting fixtures with clean lines and graceful silhouettes. The collection includes crystal stems in three shapes, one perfectly straight and the other two curved to different degrees. They can be combined endlessly to create personalized installations.

What makes the “Flare” collection unique is the creative use of hand-blown glass. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, giving each fixture an artisanal quality and unique beauty.

Light fixtures in the "Flare" collection offer a variety of styles and sizes to fit a multitude of spaces and aesthetic preferences. From stately pendants to elegant table lamps, each piece in the collection brings a touch of sophistication and character to its surroundings. The fixture and its design have a very minimalist appearance. However, they include sophisticated fixtures with the latest COB type light source.

For more information on customization options, visit the Bomma website or ask us for our full catalog.